Should You Buy Refurbished VHS Players?

If you are looking for an answer to the question should I buy refurbished VHS Player, you might want to play some old VHS tapes mustering in the dust for a long time. Well, no one makes new VHS players, VHS to digital converters and DVD recorders. So, you actually don’t have the choice.

Premium Brand VHS VCR & DVD Video Combi Player - Fully Refurbished - S  - Electrovid - Electrovid

We understand your concerns with refurbished players. You might be worried about the condition and reliability as many people think refurbished products are just regular pre-owned, secondhand or used goods. Even many people are using the terms ‘refurbished and used’ interchangeably, but there is a world of difference between refurbished electronics and used electronics.

Refurbished electronics are the pre-owned products that are resold by the user for some reasons to the manufacturer or an independent store that checks the products for functionality and performs minor adjustments, fixes and repairs before selling it again.

No doubt refurbished players are the used products, but these are the electronics in good condition. And not only that, these products undergo repairs by experts to ensure they are in good working condition, covered by a warranty.  

On the other hand, used electronics are the pre-owned products sold by users. They do not go through any repairs. There is no surety about the condition of the product. There might be some major issues with the product. You don’t know why someone is getting rid of the product. These products come with uncertainty. However, it is not necessarily the case every time. Sometimes you can get hands-on good VHS players. Still, it is often recommended to purchase refurbished VHS players, VHS to digital converters, DVD recorders and other electronics than used electronics.

How to Convert VHS to Digital: Make Digital Copies of Videotapes

The only thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing refurbished electronics is to purchase from a reputable, reliable store that offers repair warranties for the electronics it sells.

What is SCART connector? SCART TV Video Cables & Connectors

There is no denying that SCART connections are still reasonably standard across the globe to connect AV components. Although you might not use it as frequently as they are supposed to be, you may still find your AV equipment still has one of these.  Let us delve into the intricate details to know more about the SCART connector, a female connection that takes the male pins from the SCART cable. The SCART connection system is an older connection stand used mainly to connect different audio and video systems together.

Scart to HDMI Converter - 1080P HD Ready converter - The Easy Way -  Electrovid - Electrovid

A tad details about SCART

SCART connectors and cables are mainly used for standard-definition video signals like composite, S-video, and RGB. SCART was designed to carry standard-definition content in the days before digital television became commonplace. It is the most common way of getting RGB from many retro consoles. However, SCART can be a pretty confusing standard. And if you wish to get the best results, here are a few things you need to consider.

Types of SCART socket

There are actually three different types of SCART sockets you may encounter.

RGB Scart Cable for Dreamcast: PC & Video Games

 This type of SCART socket will accept a full RGB signal. This does not necessarily mean you will get a perfect picture, as the quality wholly depends on your TV/Video processor’s capabilities, though it will be better than composite.

  • S-Video SCART
SCART S Video SVIDEO Composite RCA Audio Video Adapter Converter –  Techexpress NZ

SCART was designed as a multi-purpose connector and therefore can carry both S-video and RGB signals, but not at the same time. If you connect an RGB SCART cable to an S-video SCART socket, you will most likely get only a composite video picture.

We hope that this information on the SCART connector and cable pin is enough for you to assemble the components to build your cable.

All That You Must Know About Recycling Electronic Devices

When you get a chance to take a look at your attic, you will come across a zillion things that no longer serve you a purpose, and it can include old tapes, electronic devices such as a VHS player.

Rather than letting them occupy space in your home for no reason at all, it is strongly advocated that you should go on recycling them. However, electronic recycling devices are a tad bit different from that of the other bio degradable articles. It is essential for you to process the electronic devices before you can get rid of them.

VHS Player

The following is a list of pointers that can educate you in a detailed manner as to how you can go on recycling electronic devices. Read on in order to acquire more details.

Need for recycling electronic device

 If you are well aware of the core components of electronic devices such as a VHS player or even a DVD player, you will know that there is no way you can just throw away electronic equipment in trash. The heavy metals and chemical content like copper, lead, mercury etc. can be considered as dangerous. Hence, it is important for you to ensure proper waste management steps are followed to recycle them in a secure and sustainable manner. 

Where can you get electronic devices recycled?

 There are numerous centres across your city you can go in order to connect with the concerned personnel who will make sure that all the components of the electronic devices that you have brought along are recycled in the most appropriate manner. 

How can you go on with recycling electronic devices?

 All you got to do is bring the electronic devices to that of the drop-off centers. Then, the rest of the recycling process will be precisely taken care of the individuals working at those centers, and the most essential aspect is that you do not need to pay any amount to get these devices recycled.

Hopefully, all the pointers that have been discussed in this article will help you learn everything there is to know about recycling electronic devices such as a VHS player. Even when you are planning to buy a new VHS player for your home, it is highly essential that you should be able to recycle the previous one.

This will be great not only for your space management at your home but for the environment as well. Whenever you wish to get your hands on refurbished goods, it is strongly suggested that you should go to the official website of Electrovid. The online platform is well known as a reliable supplier of refurbished goods. Connect with the official website in order to acquire more details.

Essential Aspects Of A DVD Player That One Must Consider Before Buying

Over the past few decades, technology has constantly been advancing; hence if you come across certain changes in the new DVD technology and various models, this should be a thing that astonishes you.

Tevion MD80857 DVD Recorder

If you compare the new and previous models of DVD players, you will end up discovering excruciating differences between the two, and you will end up realizing how technologically advanced are the current models. The following is a list of points comprising different essential aspects of a DVD player that one must consider before buying it. Keep reading in order to dive right into the details. 

  • Connections on the back 
  • In order to mark a check on the video quality offered by that of the DVD player, it is highly essential for you to check the connections on the back. Numerous platform s offer you different additional connections. Make sure to get one that you could use well. 
  • Disc Capability 
  • There are DVD players with single disc capability, and there are DVD players with multiple disc capability. It depends upon your needs as to what type of DVD player you need. 
  • Adjusting capacity 
  • When you are setting up the DVD player, it must be able to offer some level of adjusting capability to work well with other refurbished goods.  
 LG DRT389H DVD Recorder with Freeview & HDMI

Hopefully, all the pointers that have been discussed in this article meticulously will help you in inspecting a DVD player in the most appropriate manner so as to ensure that you and up getting your hands on a perfectly functioning DVD player.

Whenever planning to buy one, it is strongly advocated that you should head to the official website of Electrovid without having any second thoughts. All the products offered by the online platform are highly commendable. Visit the official website of Electrovid in order to be able to acquire more details.

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Platform To Buy A VHS Player

There could surely be no better way to relive old memories and hold on to them other than watching old tapes on a VHS player. However, the harsh truth of life is that while you might be having numerous boxes of VHS tapes in your attic but your VHS player clearly needed to be replaced.

However, you can also try to find an expert who could make the necessary changes, but finding someone who can fix your VHS player is a task in itself. Other than this, it will cost you a fortune to get it repaired. Hence, it is strongly advocated that you should opt for a new VHS player. There are selective platforms that strive to present their customers with refurbished goods such as a VHS player.


Hence, the first thing that you need to take care of is to find a platform that can offer you one. While you are struggling to determine which platform can offer you exceptionally well services, it is strongly advocated that you should go through the following pointers in order to single out all the things that you need to keep in the back of your head while choosing a platform to buy a VHS player.

Read on in order to dive right into the details. 

  • Credibility 
  • As essential it is to find a good product, the credibility of the platform selling it also matters. You can check the online reviews by the customers in order to form an opinion. 
  • Warranty 
  • Check whether or not the platform has a warranty period in which the repair of the product barring any damage is not your responsibility but of the platform. 
  • Return policy 
  • While it takes a considerable high amount of time to get your VHS player delivered, the chances of the player getting damaged on the way are pretty slim. However, if anything happens, which results in the disruption of the VHS player before it is delivered to you, make sure that the online platform presents you with a legit return policy so that you are not the one who ends up with the loss. 

Hopefully, all the pointers that have been meticulously discussed in this article will prove to be a phenomenal help in finding a reliable platform to buy a VHS player. Electrovid is a celebrated platform when it comes to getting your hands on refurbished products. All the products offered by the online platform are highly commendable.

Thus, whenever you wish to get your hands on a brand new VHS player, it is strongly advocated that you should head straight to the official website of Electrovid in order to explore more details.

Things to Consider While Buying Freesat Box Online

The world of free lures everyone, and people in the UK, love free entertainment. The success of Freeview and Freesat testify the love of Brits for free entertainment. So if you are also planning to tune to free entertainment with Freesat or switching from Freeview to Freesat for better free entertainment experience, you have to buy a Freesat box unless your TV has a built-in Freesat tuner.

Buying a Freesat box online for the first time? 

Here are the four things your need to consider:                

1. Read the description carefully 

This seems basic, but many people often do not read the description of a Freesat box carefully. There are many things that you would want to consider when choosing a Freesat box, like, storage capacity, recording options, internet access, live streaming, and HD channels. So carefully read the description and choose your box.   

2. Get warranty

Once you are assured that the Freesat box recorder you are choosing has all the features you are looking for, the next step is to ensure the warranty. Make sure your Freesat box comes with manufacturer warranty. Not only that, but many reputable sellers also offer extended warranty for the products they sell. You can also ask your seller for an extended seller warranty.   

3. Check return policy  

When you are buying electronic gadgets online, it is always recommended to buy products that are returnable and refundable so that your money is safe if the product is not working. Check the return policy of your seller before ordering online.       

4. Buy from a reputable seller

The reputation of the seller plays a key role. A reputed seller often delivers on its promises. The best way to get an idea of the reputation of a seller is to find out what previous customers have to say about the seller. You can check the online reviews to know more about the seller.         

So these are the four things you need to consider while buying a Freesat box online.  

Where can you buy a VHS player?

Want to play old VHS tapes? Well, unfortunately, modern HDMI TVs can’t play those old VHS tapes directly. To play VHS tapes, you need two things: first, VHS player, and second, SCART to HDMI converter. However, if your TV has a SCART connector, you don’t have to purchase the latter.

So where can you buy this old technology?  

Well, it is true no one manufactures brand new VHS players, but the world of refurbished tech is still open to you. You can buy refurbished VHS players to play old VHS tapes. 

And when it comes to buying refurbished VHS players, you have two options: you can buy online, or you can visit an offline refurbished tech store.

Buy refurbished VHS player online          

There are many reputable online stores out there selling refurbished tech products like VHS player, VCR player and more. You can visit their website to find out the range of products they are selling. But, there is one thing you need to assure that you buy from a reputable store which backs its products and offers warranties. Refurbished tech products are essentially the old products that are repaired to working condition. So, it is always recommended to purchase products backed with repair or replacement warranty. You can checkout, they have the most branded collection of VHS and VCR players. They also offer replacement warranty on their products.

Buy refurbished VHS player offline

You can also buy refurbished VHS players by visiting a brick mortar store. You can look for the refurbished products store in your area and visit them to purchase the gadgets you need, but make sure that you get the written repair warranty from your store. 
However, many times it is observed that people often get great deals while shopping for VHS or VCR players online. So you can check out and compare both the options and buy from a reputable store that offers a branded refurbished VHS player backed with a warranty at the best price.

Reasons why a VHS Player is still relevant to your home entertainment

Even though the digital age has brought different options for you to choose from, but they can never offer the sense of belonging that devices such as VHS Players and DVD Player can provide. Many people are under the misconception that the VHS Players are not relevant in the current time. However, contrary to the notion, the introduction of OTT platforms has not disregarded VHS Players completely. Almost every household still owns a VHS Player, and they are a great way for all the family members to get together and enjoy each other’s company. The following is a list of meticulously gathered pointers that strongly advocate why a VHS Player is still relevant to your home entertainment. Read on to know more.

Digital License do not last forever

 A VHS Player is a refurbished product that you can buy from any reliable platform for a good price, and it is a one-time payment, unlike OTT platforms that require you to renew your subscription.

Not everything is digitally available

Even though the databases of OTT platforms are numerous and gigantic, they offer content from different genres, but it is not possible for everything to be digitally accessible. This is when you go and buy a VHS Player.

Hopefully, the pointers that have been meticulously discussed above in this article prove to be good enough to convince you that VHS Player is still relevant to your home entertainment. If you wish to replace your current VHS Player with a new one, it is highly advocated that you should Electrovid. The online platform strives to offer its customers with refurbished goods of superior quality. Other than this, the utmost standards of service offered by the online platform are commendable. Visit the official website of Electrovid in order to know more.

Bring home sky+hd box and kick the boredom out

With a pandemic striking through the world, are you finding it difficult to keep your mind at ease? Have your kids been behaving like hooligans with nothing to do locked in your respective homes? Here is a prime solution to bring some entertainment back in your life and keep your kids engaged. Bring home the sky+hd box with multiple entertainment channels. The HD box ensures that you are presented with the utmost picture quality for a surreal experience. Watch TV shows and movies that you love and block all of the stress and anxiety out. Electrovid offers you amazing deals and offers that you just cannot refuse. Now with the sky hd box connections, it is quite easy for you to arrange movie nights with your family and grab the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your significant other. In order to get your sky+hd box, connect with Electrovid.

A Beginner’s Guide To SCART To HDMI Converter

Gone are the days when SCART -enabled media were commonly only found. In recent years, HDMI seems to have taken over. This was when the need for a SCART to HDMI converter was felt. Hence, these converters prove to be a great help in using old cart enabled devices such as VCRs to connect with HDMI media, which are more predominantly used. The following is a carefully curated beginner’s guide to walk you through the SCART to HDMI converters. Without any further ado, read on to plunge into the details.

As mentioned above, the SCART to HDMI converter solves the compatibility issues between devices and media. When looking for a SCART to HDMI converter, you might come across SCART to HDMI, but what you actually need is an adaptor. This is because the SCART devices do not support HDMI media and vice versa. The additional benefit an adapter offers is the upscaling of the resolution and audio quality. The SCART devices were introduced several decades ago. Hence, it is obvious that there are a humongous resolution and audio quality difference between SCART and HDMI. The converter tries to bridge the gap between the two to some extent.

If you are feeling yourself struggling to connect your old console with your new TV, it might be because of the media difference, all you need to do is get your hands on a reliable SCART to HDMI converter so that you can connect your console with the TV without any inconvenience. If you need a reliable platform to present you with refurbished products of superior quality, it is highly suggested that you reach out and connect with Electrovid. It is an online store to meet all your requirements refurbished products. Visit the official website to explore more.

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